Beach Cleanups are now 24/7.

Lend the oceans a helping hand.

The Playa Pallet is a wooden box on the beach made out of used pallets. There you can drop off any trash you find on the beaches.

This way you help to prevent even more trash and plastic entering our oceans and help the marine wildlife. Get a 👍 from nature!

If you want to support the Playa Pallet, please consider a donation to the Clean Ocean Project.

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Join us!
It’s super easy.


Check the map to see the locations of the Playa Pallets.


Put the trash you picked up during your walk in the pallet.


The trash will be picked up regularly by local authorities.

If you discover a pallet that is full, broken, or even a missing pallet, please let us know so we can fix the issue.


Join the Playa Pallet.

You want to support the Playa Pallet Team? We could use your help to set up new pallets, maintain existing pallets and expand to new shores. Please get in touch!

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